Davis Family Genealogy

As of March 2018, we appear to be making new strides in understanding our Davis ancestry. Stephen Davis has many strong y-DNA matches with surname Davis, four of who have traced their ancestry back to William Davis, born in Charles County MD in 1658. Stephen and his close Davis cousins have AncestryDNA matches to known descendants of William Davis. We hope to determine how Stephen's line connects to William in the near future.

One of the fascinating findings from our Davis y-DNA tests is that we're all members of y-Haplogroup R1a. About 75% of known Davis-surname people who've taken a y-DNA test are in Haplogroup R1b; less than 2% are in R1a. While 2% of a large number is still a large number, it appears that our family is not related to most people named Davis in the past 28,000 or so years (on the Davis paternal line).

Davis Guide

As of March 2018, our Davis family information is growing rapidly. Here's a guide to the website's Davis content:

I also welcome corrections and contributions from other Davis descendants. Email information, documents or photos to .

Are we related?

Here are the GEDmatch Kit #s for my father and mother:

GI: A909282
CL: A216073

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