Archbold McCull

The Scottish settler, Archbold McCull, has not been proved to be the father of our John McCoole, Sr. of Toberhead Ireland. However, he was in the right place, was of the right age to be his father, and had an interestingly similar name. Further, John McCoole named his firstborn son "Archibald".

Archbold McCull was born about 1610 in Scotland. He died in Ireland or Scotland. He married Unknown (McCull).

Several McCoole ancestors were recorded in the Ulster Settlers muster role, as described in Men and Arms, The Ulster Settlers, c. 1630, edited by R. J. Hunter; prepared for publication by John Johnston, Ulster Historical Foundation:

Page 121:
Barony de Belfast
Mr. William Reding his men:
No Arms
. . . . . .
9. Archbold McCull

Page 150:
The Lord Viscount of Ards, his men and arms:
Swords and pikes
. . . . . .
404. Robert McCoullees

Pages 154/155:
The Lord Viscount of Ards, his men and arms:
No Arms
. . . . . .
1032. Daniell McCoul
. . . . . .
1186. Alexander McCoole

Page 158:
The town of Bangor
The names of the Lord Clannaboyes men and arms as followeth
Swords, Muskets, and bandoliers
. . . . . . .
285. William McCoole

There was an Irish uprising against the British (mostly Scottish) settlers in 1641 which decimated Northern Ireland, forcing many settlers to return to Scotland for safety. We do not know if Archbold McCull remained and survived, or escaped back to Scotland. The latter seems most likely, since he and his fellow tenants had no arms with which to protect themselves.

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