James 'Jack' Lowe

The James Lowe family records were found in a family Bible which belonged to Anuel Lowe, the grandson of James and Martha Patsy Lowe. Anuel was the son of Elizabeth Lowe Smith. The Bible records and additional information on the Lowe family are records compiled from The Baywood Book, and Lowe family members Susie Lowe, Bill Cockerham, and Gary Lowe, by Elsie S. Leagan.

James was born in Surry County NC in 1794; he died there in 1870.


We believe that James first married Elizabeth Brown (1795-1817) in Surry County, NC on 2 Jan 1817. They had no known living children.

On 26 Mar 1818, James married Martha Patsey Munnes (1798-1880) in Surry County, NC. They are believed to have had no sons and eight daughters.

Census Records

Because multiple Lowe families lived in Surry County NC throughout the 1800s, it's possible that some of these records reflect different individuals.

1830 Census

According to the 1830 U.S. Census, James Low and his family lived in Surry County, NC. James' household included:

  • One free male, age 30-39, James
  • One free female, age 30-39, Martha
  • Two free females, age 5-9,
  • Three free females, under age 5
  • No slaves

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