John McCoole Sr.

John McCoole Sr., probably the son of Archbold McCull and Unknown (McCull), was born about 1645 in NIR or Scotland. He died before 02 Nov 1719 in County Derry, Northern Ireland. He first married Unknown (McCoole), who was born about 1665; they had two sons. He's believed to have next married Olivia (last name unknown), born about 1670. They had five sons and two daughters. For more information, visit Early McCools.

Notes for John McCoole Sr.

  1. (Comments by Joan L. Petticrew (a professional researcher commissioned by Thomas E. McCool) in Co. Antrim, NIR):

    "Today there are no Quakers Meeting Houses in the North Antrim area for the following reasons. In 1704 a Test Act was passed which required office holders to take all three Sacraments of the Church of Ireland (Anglican or "state" church). Presbyterians, Roman Catholic, and other minor religions such as Quakers could not join the army, the militia, educate their children or pass on land, worship within five miles of a town or own a horse over £5 if they did not obey the three sacraments of the state church I.E. baptism, marriage and burial. A drought in the "teen " years of the 1700's was the "last straw" for these yeoman farmers. Ruined crops which included flax, which meant that farmers, weavers and townspeople had their lifestyle ruined. In 1716 sheep were affected with "sheep rot" a decease of the feet, and flocks were wiped out. Absentee English landlords who lived in England did not know or care what was happening, kept increasing rents. By 1717, what had began as a trickle in 1702 became a great migration of Ulster people to America. The bulk of immigrants were Presbyterians; Quakers had started to immigrate at the beginning of the 17th (sic) century mainly because of persecution."

  2. Sufferings, Co.Derry, from Quaker Archives, Northern Ireland, as obtained by Tommy McCoole:

    John McCoule had taken from him goods to the value of £9.0.0 (1668/9) Co. Derry.
    John McColle himself stript, two horses taken to the value of £16.14.0 (1668/9)
    John McCool had oats and barley destroyed by ye Creats, worth £4.0.0 (in 1706).
    John McCull (1710).[11]

    [TEM: The timing of the first two items indicates that John McCoole was older than we have previously estimated, and born probably before 1645.]

  3. From "Immigration of Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania -- 1682-1750", by Albert Cook Myers, page 33:

    In the migration of the Irish Quakers to Pennsylvania, there were represented only five surnames with the Celtic prefix "Mc" --McCool, McMollin or McMillan, McClum, McNabb, and McNice; but as this prefix is common to both Irish and Scotch surnames, it is unsafe to use it as a means of distinction. The McCool and McMollin families were from the Ballinacree Meeting, near Ballymoney, County Antrim, in the midst of the "Scotch country," hence if any distinction can be made, it lies in favor of the Scotch or Scotch-Irish descent.

  4. A series of findings by Joan L. Petticrew in NIR Quaker Records, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim:

    McCoole, John: Dunglady Meeting 1696,1698-1705, 1707; Ref T1696, 1698-1705, 1707 Ref T1062 41,12,70,89,95,106 {documents in the Public Record Office, Northern Ireland (P.R.O.N.I.)}.
    1696 ( written in old English ) Ref T1062/41/12
    Dunglade Meeting
    This being proposed to this meeting whateverfriends are liking and which what if contained in a paragraph of last half years meeting. Paper relating to the declaration offered instead of any oath. , friends------- did order on ----- and signified their satisfaction with what friends did in ye said half yearly meeting relating to that matter. It's the ----(?) of this meeting that William Whitefile , John Robens, and William Hill, Jane Street, JOHN McCOOL, John Knox to John Hope before ye last settlement. 4th July 1702 Grange Meeting Ref T1062/41/65
    John Williamson and Jane Boyd both of Grange Meeting Co. Antrim having appeared and declared their attention of marriage one with the other before ye meeting . John Brand, JOHN MCCOOLE, Jacob Pollifer, John Farirel, and OLIVE McCool being appointed from ye men and womens meeting held at Grange, 5th instant concerning their cleanses -orderly proceedings and nothing to instruct their proceedings.

    Marriage--- Toberhead in county of Derry Ref T1062/41/28/95
    23rd February 1706 Nathaniel Hillary of Lurgan Meeting and Grizelle Miller Dunchary (sic) Meeting have appeared and declared their intentions of marriage one with another before their meeting , Robert Hoope, Jim and Richard Lynas, being appointed by ye intentions of marriage with each other before this meeting , George Gregg, ARCHIBALD MCOOLE, Ann MCWherter, and OLIVE MCCOOLE, being appointed to make enquiry, concering their clearings, orderly proceedings, consent of property etc.

    4th June 1706 Ref T1062/41/70
    At a Provience wide meeting held ye 4th June 1706 Robert Hope, William Whitefiled (jun) and William Hobins having vileied(?) friends at the last month's meeting held at Thomas Pattons house, James Herriot, and JOHN MCCOOLE having neglected. John Herriot and JOHN MCCOOLE having neglected to find certificates containing ye accomplished of Robert Harrot at Joanne Mallons marriage and to give account how it was preferred as they had not defined to take ye said certificate be sent to ye next provience meeting.

    Ref T1062/41/106
    Meeting wide meeting at Ballyhagen to discuss an article relating to a Meeting House at Cootehill, Co. Cavan; JOHN McCOOLE, attending.

    Ye 4th November 1706 Ref T1042/41/96
    At a provience men's meeting held in Ballyhagan Friends of Ballymoney meeting afore defined to concentrate with ye cause for a new meeting house.

  5. Per the Ulster Historical Foundation, Belfast, Ireland as provided to Mrs. Miriam Armour: By 24 Dec 1707, John McCool had his own house at Toberhead.


Patrick Rooney
June 19, 2013 at 5:54 pm
Hi Bettye,

I am not related to the McCools but the 2 storey building in Toberhead was home to myself and four brothers from 1950 till 1963. I live in London now but have seen the house many times since.The house was known as “Hillmount” which is obvious when you see its location. The house had a hand made wood ceiling in the living room which you can still see.

We spent happy years in the house which came with a small farm of 12 acres and it was close to the Moyola River where we used to fish for trout and eels. The house had 3 lovely gardens around it and they were filled with apple, pear and plum trees and my father grew vegetables there. The current owners the McMaster family removed all the gardens and hedges around the house. I will ask my brother in Ireland if he has any photographs of the house at the time we lived there and I could e mail them to you if you wish. It was a very happy childhood home for us so I hope you get to visit it.

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