Sophia Elizabeth "Sophy" Morgan

It's often extremely difficult to research the genealogy of family members beyond 200 years, especially when they have a very common last name like "Morgan." Fortunately, my great-great-great-great-grandmother Sophy left us a detailed biography of the first ninety years of her life, including information about some of her ancestors. Much of the information below was recounted by Sophy herself.

Rather than recount Sophy's story, I'll list facts that she provides.


  • Sophy was the fifth child of Thomas Francis Morgan and Sophia E. Charles (Morgan), who were born and raised in England
  • She was born on 3 November 1817 in London, "within the sound of the Bow Bells"
  • Her four older brothers all died of smallpox, probably early 1819
  • Her father Thomas emigrated to America in 1819, planning to send for his (then-pregnant) wife, daughter, and future child [John]

Early Life - London, and Genealogy

  • Daughter Sophy and mother Sophia lived with Thomas's parents in Hampstead where they ran a dairy assisted by their grandson Charley Hosley
  • Thomas's uncle, "Blind Thomas," brother to Sophy's Grandmother Morgan, lived with them as well
  • Thomas's father (grandfather Morgan) died when Sophy was about four, so about 1821 or early 1822.
  • Sophy's favorite cousins were Caroline Ellen and Mary Morgan
  • Sophy's aunt Hetty (her mother's sister?) often visited from London. She had a long-term lover, "Uncle Lydaly" who was consumptive. They never married officially.
  • Thomas had a sister Jane, who ran away at age 16 to marry her poor and consumptive lover, a shoemaker named Rice
  • Jane Rice had twin children
  • Sophy had an Uncle Charley, Thomas's youngest brother, and Aunt Sarah. They were the parents of Caroline Ellen and Mary.
  • Thomas had a sister Ann, who married Mr. Hosley.
  • Thomas had a brother John who migrated to America on the same ship with him in 1819. John moved west and settled in Shawneetown Illinois on the Ohio River.

Early Life - Philadelphia

  • Thomas finally sent for Sophia, Sophy and John in late 1825; they began their journey in February 1826.
  • They crossed on the sailing ship Electra; these two women, their son/brother and about 300 men. The journey took about 62 days and included one terrible storm where they feared for their lives. They arrived in Philadelphia on 4 Apr, 1826.
  • Burn
  • Moved to Shawnee town illinois briefly in 1831 but then returned to Philadelphia
  • Moved west again to a Marion indiana (near Madison at the time)



  • Sophy's parents took in boarders when they moved to Cincinatti in 1836. One of them was a young man named Robert Ireland.
  • Robert and Sophy married in Cincinnati on 20 May 1837. Dr. Lynd of the First Baptist Church (?) presided.
  • Robert and Sophy remained in her parents home for a few months, then moved to the west end of 5th St. near the old Quaker Church. The house belonged to Old Nicholas Longworth whose own home is now the Taft Art Museum in Cincinnati.


  • Robert and Sophy's first child, Thomas Francis Ireland was born in April 1838.
  • In late 1839 or so, Robert had some type of stroke of paralysis that rendered his arms almost useless. They moved back with Sophy's parents in the church and remained there after Robert recovered.
  • First son Thomas was taken sick in early 1840 from an inflammation of the lungs. He died in February at age 22 months.
  • Second child, William Henry Ireland, was born a month later, on 30 Mar 1840.
  • Their third son, David James Ireland, was born two years later on 5 May 1842.
  • Robert and Sophy moved to a house on Pleasant Street in Cincinnati.
  • Fourth son, named Thomas Francis Ireland in honor of his grandfather and deceased older brother, was born on 20 Aug 1844.
  • Robert and Sophy's only daughter, Ellen Alice Ireland, was born on 30 Jan 1847.
  • After Ellen's birth, the health of Sophy's husband Robert began to decline and he became less able to work as a coppersmith.

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