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Paternal Line Intermarriages

This information is a work in process - and not every relationship shown has been confirmed as being intermarried to our family (as opposed to a different family with the same surname.)

Family intermarriages are rarely incestual. They usually involve a number of siblings or cousins from one family who marry members of a different family. The married couples in most cases weren't previously related - or were related only distantly, generations previously.

Genetic genealogy researchers keep careful track of ancestral intermarriages to avoid making errant conclusions about paper trail accuracy and identifying most recent common ancestors.

Suspected Intermarriages


  • R. Frank Nichols (1857-1925) m Ama Perilla Galyean (1865-1942)
  • Alexander McCall Galyean (1863-1940) m Sarah Jane Nichols (1866-1900)
    • Alexander is Ama's older brother.
    • Sarah is Frank's younger sister.
    • The two couples were married in a double wedding


  • Shadrach Noah Galyean (1801-1877) m2 Edna Rutha Lowe (1826-1928)
    • Shadrach's first wife was Mahalia Rector (
  • James Milton Galyean (1826-1901) m Martha M Lowe (1830-1906).
    • James is the son of Shadrach Noah Galyean and his first wife, Mahalia Rector.
    • Martha is the sister of both Edna Rutha Lowe and Elam Denny Lowe.
  • Elam Denny Lowe (1843-1915) m Sufina Olive Galyen (1844-1904).
    • Elam is the younger brother of Edna Ruth Lowe and Martha M Lowe.
    • Sufina is the granddaughter of Shadrach Noah Galyean.
  • Kerby Lowe (1835-1934) m Rebecca Galyean (1836-1913)
    • Rebecca is the daughter of William Toliver Galyean (1807-1850) and Nancy Rector (1811-1870
    • Kerby Lowe is the son of Samuel F. Lowe (1784-1857) and Sarah Hayes (1791-1865)
  • Bennett Sanders Lowe (1872-1956) m Rebecca Galyean (1876-1954)
    • Bennett is the son of


Note: this Wilson family is probably not the same as the ones married into the Wright family.

  • Andrew J Galyen (1850-1925) m Martha Jane Wilson (1851-1944)
  • Evalina C Galyean (1867-1904) m John Ricely Wilson (1861-1934)


  • Robert Gwartney (1805-1889) m Malinda Albin (1812-1895)
  • Sarah Gwartney (1801-1846) m William Albin (1805-1840)
  • Robert and Sarah are siblings, as are William and Malinda.
  • We descend from Robert and Malinda (Albin) Gwartney.


  • James Thomas Albin (1801-1850) m Margaret "Peggy" Smith (1799-1870)
  • Sarah Albin (1807-1896) m William Henry Smith (1804-1870)
  • James and Sarah are siblings, as are Peggy and William.
  • We descend from the Albin parents; we do not descend from this Smith family.

Wright, Hodges, Peebles, Wilson

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  • Craig Berry:

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