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Clermont County, Ohio


Clermont County, along the Ohio River in the far southwest section of the state and just east of Cincinnati, was founded in 1800.

Ireland Family

Many genealogists refer to Ireland births, marriages and deaths as taking place in Cincinnati, Clermont County, Ohio. However, Cincinnati is located just to the west, in Hamilton County. The few official records that I've found indicate that the Irelands lived in Franklin Township in the southeast corner of Clermont County along the Ohio River.

My hypothesis is that all of the family events took place in Franklin Township in Clermont County, and that they said "Cincinatti" because it was a nearby recognizable name.

Clermont County, Ohio Timeline

We don't know when individual family members arrived or left Clermont County. This timeline records things that happened while they were there.

  • 20 May 1837: Robert Jr. marries Sophia Elizabeth Morgan
  • 1838: infant Thomas Francis born; died 1840
  • 30 Mar 1840: William Henry born
  • 05 May 1842: David James born
  • 20 Aug 1844: Thomas Francis born
  • 30 Jan 1847: Ellen Alice born
  • 1848: death of Robert, Sr.
  • 14 Jan 1850: Robert Morgan born
  • 1855: infant Harry born and died
  • 21 Sep 1861: Frederick Henry born. Different Ohio place?

Other events:

Robert Jr.'s brother, William B. and family, moved from Philadelphia to Clermont in 1838-41. They returned to Pennsylvania in 1844-46.

  • 10 May 1841: birth of William's daughter, Henrietta Elizabeth
  • 1844: birth of William's daughter, Alice Jane

1850 Census - Franklin, Clermont, Ohio

Robert Jr. was not included in the 1850 census, presumably because he was off working elsewhere to support his family. He's included in the 1860 census. Robert Sr. was not included, as he died in 1848.

  • Thomas F. Morgan, 63; Sophia's father
  • Sophia E. Morgan, 50; Sophia's mother
  • John Ireland, 40; Robert Jr.'s brother
  • William, 10; son
  • David, 8; son
  • Thomas, 6; son
  • Ellen A, 3; daughter
  • Robert, 0; son

1860 Census - Franklin, Clermont, Ohio

  • Thomas F. Morgan, 73; Sophia's father
  • Robert Jr., 53
  • Sophia, 43; wife
  • William, 20; son
  • David, 18; son
  • Thomas, 16; son
  • Ellen A, 13; daughter
  • Robert, 10; daughter

Leaving Clermont

Robert Jr. moved his entire family from Clermont County, OH to Macon County, IL during the Civil War, sometime between 1861 and 1863.


No one knows what happened to John Ireland after age 40. One report suggests that he was lost at sea on an unknown date, but that seems to conflict with his residency in Ohio at age 40. No known children or spouse.

There are significant questions in my mind about the ancestry of Robert Jr.'s wife. "Morgan" is a common last name, and Thomas and Sophia were common as first names. We may not be matching her parents to the correct Thomas and Sophia in England.

Are we related?

Here are the GEDmatch Kit #s for my father and mother:

GI: A909282
CL: A216073

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