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Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania


In 1682, William Penn founded the city of Philadelphia to serve as capital of the Pennsylvania Colony. The city, as well as surrounding townships like the Northern Liberties and Southmark, grew quickly. When the Ireland family arrived in Philadelphia in 1829, it was the largest city in America.

Ireland Family

We know that William B. Ireland and Robert Ireland Jr. arrived in Baltimore in 1829, that William married Elizabeth Priestley in Philadelphia County about 1830, and that Robert Jr. married Sophia Morgan in Clermont County, Ohio in May 1837. We know that William's first child, Alfred, was born in Princeton, NJ in 1835, while his second, Mary Ann, was born in the Germantown section of Philadelphia County in 1838.

We have no information to suggest that Robert Jr., his father Robert Sr., or brothers Henry or John ever lived in Philadelphia. However, we can speculate that they did so as they immigrated to America from Belfast.

Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Timeline

William B. Ireland's family moved in and out of Philadelphia County multiple times after 1830 before returning for good in about 1845:

  • c. 1830: William B. marries Elizabeth Priestley
  • Mid 1830s: William's family moved to Princeton, NJ where Alfred was born on 06 Oct 1835.
  • 1838: William's first daughter, Mary Ann, was born in Germantown, Philadelphia County
  • 1841 to 1844: daughters Henrietta and Amelia born in Clermont County Ohio
  • 20 Apr 1846: Francis Letitia born in Philadelphia County
  • 30 Dec 1848: Emma Eastburn born in Chester County, PA, outside of Philadelphia
  • Aug 1848: death of William B. Ireland in Philadelphia County

Other events:

1850 Census - Northern Liberties Ward 2, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

By the time of the 1850 census, all of William's children had been born. Note that the NL Ward 2 was merged into Philadelphia in 1854, but had been located in one of the new Wards 17, 18 or 19 shown on the attached Ward Map.

  • William Ireland, 50
  • Elizabeth Ireland, 39; William's wife
  • Alfred Ireland, 14; son
  • Mary A, 12; daughter
  • Henrietta, 9; daughter
  • Amelia, 6; daughter
  • Frances, 4; daughter
  • Emma, 2; daughter
  • Alexander Priestley, 26; Elizabeth's brother

1860 Census - Philadelphia Ward 10, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

As far as we know, the Ireland family remained in Philadelphia between 1850 and 1860, but moved to the Ward 10 area during that time.

  • William Ireland, 60
  • Elizabeth Ireland, 49; William's wife
  • Alfred Ireland, 24; son
  • Mary A, 22; daughter
  • Henrietta, 18; daughter
  • Amelia, 16; daughter
  • Frances, 14; daughter
  • Emma, 11; daughter

1870 Census - Philadelphia Ward 10 District 29, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

  • Alfred Ireland, 34
  • Hannah ireland, 29; wife

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