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Serious genetic genealogists may want to learn exactly how much DNA they share with our known Swain family members. While I can only provide the exact amount to cousins with who've shared their list of DNA matches with me, that's still quite a bit of information

The Swain AncestryDNA research project combine the lists of matches from ten descendants of Elizabeth Swain (lines 1 through 4), one descendant of Samuel Swain (line 5), and one descendant of Laura Ann Swain (line 6). Line 1 includes my father and his sisters: GI, GP, SI and SM. Line 2 is JI, their second cousin. Line 3, AF, is my third cousin, and her father's first cousin, PH. WK and JJ are siblings; EM is their mother's first cousin; they are line 4. (WK is my father's third cousin.) RD provides the only set of matches from a descendant of Samuel Swain; he's line 5 (and my father's fourth cousin). JT provides the only set of matches from a descendants of Laura Swain; she's line 6 (and my father's fourth cousin). Because I have the data, I included my results at the end (as KI). Because my data is a subset of my father's it wasn't considered during the analysis.

Amounts of shared DNA are measured in centiMorgans, or cM. Above 90cM is estimated at third cousin or closer. 20cM to 90cM is estimated at fourth cousin. However, the actual relationships can vary widely. Many fourth cousins don't match at all; some third cousins don't match. The large variance in DNA inheritance is why I look at so many sets of matches to conduct my analysis.

For privacy reasons, no information about living people is shown and Ancestry usernames are obscured.

Known Ammi Swain Descendants

Thanks to traditional genealogy research confirmed by DNA matches, we believe all of the following people are descendants of Ammi Swain's children. In almost all cases, the list of matches from top to bottom corresponds to their placement in the Swain tree (above) from left to right.

Probably Ammi Swain Descendants

These people are believed to be Ammi Swain descendants based on AncestryDNA matches to our family members, but we don't know their line of descent. While I don't request any information about living people, it would greatly assist the project to understand how they're related to the Swain family (or if they are not). Please send any information available to me at .

Known Daniel Swain descendants

Here's how closely these individuals are related to us:

How You Can Help

All of this information was discovered and verified because eight McCool/Swain cousins, none of whom I've ever met, agreed to provide me with "Viewer" access to their list of DNA matches. My research would be greatly enhanced if additional Swain descendants, whether McCool or not McCool, would do the same.

"Viewer" access to lists of DNA matches is crucial to my research - and is enabling me to smash through our family's brick walls. As of 26 Dec 2017, I have "viewer" access to the DNA matches from twelve descendants of Ammi Swain's three married children:

Samuel Swain
  • Line 1 - RD (my father's fourth cousin)
Laura Ann Swain
  • Line 2 - JT (my father's fourth cousin)
Elizabeth Swain
  • Line 3 - GI, GP, SI, SM (my father and his three sisters)
  • Line 4 - JI (my father's second cousin)
  • Line 5 - AF (my father's second cousin once removed) and PH (my father's second cousin)
  • Line 6 - WK and JJ (siblings; my father's third cousins) plus EM (my father's second cousin once removed)

If you already know that you match to any of us on the Ireland, McCool, Walker or Swain lines, it would be an enormous help if you could provide me with viewer access to your AncestryDNA match list. Please note: this does NOT give me access to your actual DNA results or to information about living people in your tree. If your tree is private, it also doesn't give me access to any part of your tree.

If you're not sure if you match to one of our lines, simply email me the AncestryDNA username that manages your results. I'll check the username against all of our accounts and let you know if, and how closely, you match to each of us. I don't need to know your real name or any other personal information about you or your living relatives. I hope most people will be willing to share the path from their grandparents to one of our lines, but that's not required.

After you know that you match to one or more of us, I'll invite you to share your list of matches with me. Again, this is not required.

I'm happy to share occasional updates of public information to anyone who responds - regardless of whether they participate in the study. Send me an email at and I'll keep you informed.


Are we related?

Here are the GEDmatch Kit #s for my father and mother:

GI: A909282
CL: A216073

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