Shadrach Galyean

Note that many different spellings of Shadrach's first and last name have been recorded, in part because he never learned to read or write. His name was probably spelled Shadrick Gallion at birth.

Shadrach had at least thirteen children with his first wife, Mahalia Rector, before she (perhaps unsurprisingly) died in 1844 at age 43. Kevin descends from Shadrach and his second wife, Edna Rutha K Lowe, who had at least seven children together. Edna was three years younger than Shadrack's oldest son.

Family Stories

Move to Arkansas

Near the first of September in 1859, Shadrick, his wife Rutha and all but nine children left their home in Virginia, along with the David Edwards family; destination: Arkansas. The Trip was made in ox and horse drawn wagons and was a challenge with the impending change of seasons. They never traveled on Sundays, that was the Lords Day, so on Saturday firewood would be gathered, any game that was needed for food was caught as well as any other activity that would give as much rest on Sunday. Church services were observed by a river or small stream. after being on the wagon trail for nearly three months, they arrived in Benton County Arkansas.

They became the early settlers in Dickson Township around the Hiawasse community. Most spent their entire lives there. Many of the early Galyean descendants are buried in the Mt. Pleasant cemetary.

Genealogy by Ruth Pantry

Mahala Rector, b. abt. 1802, d. 1846, Grayson County, VA. was the daughter of Bennett Rector, b. 3 Jan 1782, Fauquier County, VA., d. 25 Dec. 1866, Grayson County, VA., and Nancy Conley, b. 1780-1819, Bennett's first wife. He married Susan Austin as #2. wife. Both Bennett and Susan are buried in the Linton Cemetery, near Delbert, Grayson County, VA. I have not found a burial place for Nancy. (This is taken from the old Rector Genealogy).

I know Mahala had a sister Nancy Rector who married William Toliver Galyean, a brother to Shadrack, married 26 Feb. 1827.Grayson County, VA. I don't have names of other children.

Noah Shadrick Galyean and Rutha K. Lowe. #2 wife.

Some of the information was collected from the LDS Archives Record Sheet recorded in Salt Lake City while I was there in 1987.

Leta Hatcher Smith has listed as references, the following: 1860 Benton Co., Ar. census, cemetery inscriptions, obituary notices and family records of hers and Mrs. John Hatcher, These records were sealed in the LDS Temple 10 Oct. 1963.

1813 - Grayson County, VA., Personal Property Tax Lists. Shadrach Gallion - 1 horse, tax - .06. 1 tithe.

1822 - 8 Nov. Surry County, NC. Marriages. Shadrich was first married to Mahala Rector. Listed as Shadrek Gallion and Mahaly Rector, Bondsman, Young Gallion, with Shadrick. BD. #144609. NC. Marriages. ( Have copies of marriage certificate of both marriages) (1779-1868), page 72. Young Gallion was Shadrick's uncle.

1830 - North Carolina State Census, Surry County, #146, No twp listed Shadrick Gallion (I have not read the census, just index)

In the Mt. Olivet cemetery near Baywood, Grayson County, VA. There are 4 Galyean graves, their grave markers don't have dates. They are:

  • Emory Galyean, died from diphtheria when small, believed to be the son of M684 - William Ephraim Galyean.
  • Matilda (Tilda) Galyean, died from diphtheria when small. may be the daughter of Shadrack Galyean and Mahala.
  • Vinna Galyean, died from diphtheria when small.??
  • One Unnamed child ??

1835 - Grayson County, VA. Personal Property List.
Shadrach, Gallion - 1 tithe, 1 horse, value. .06.

1826-1830. Son Bennett died in this time period.

1840 - Virginia State Census, Grayson County, Western Division - Shadrack Gallion

  • 1 male 30-40 Shadrack
  • 1 male 15-20 Toliver
  • 2 males 10-15 Noah and James
  • 1 male 5-10 William Alex
  • 1 male 0-5 Samuel
  • 1 female 30-40 Mahala - wife
  • 1 female 10-15 Matilda Martha
  • 1 female 5-10 Nancy
  • 2 females 0-5 Tempy and Elizabeth

1841 - 25 April. Shadrack Gallion, by virtue of a Land Office Treasury Warrent for 12.00 acre, #14571,this 25th. of April, 1841 enters 50 acres of land lying on Little River and the waters of Little river ajoining the lands of Randolph Collins, his own patent lands Baley Hayse, Franklin Austin, Samuel M___, and Levi Todd, on Little River, beginning and running different courses so as to include all the vacant lands thereabouts for Camp Amend? that ajoins surveys some 3 or 4 years past for __? Gallion. Grayson County, VA. Land Grant - 50 Acres. Plat Book 3, page 55.

1848 - 21 Feb., Surry Co., NC., Marriages. Listed as Shadrick Galyin and Ruth Low, Bondsman, Julius Dickens with Shadrick. BD. #144621. Surry County Marriages, (1779-1868). Julius Dickens was a brother in law to Shadrick. #2 Marriage.

Children dates and information from the first marriage. There were 13 children by the first marriage. There were 8 children by the second marriage. (There may have been others that died young.)

Children and marriage information listed in the Benton County, Arkansas History, 1990, written by Edward Roy Galyean. ISBN #0/88107/184//6. This data was taken from an old family ledger in the possession of a descendant of Shadrack's living in Colorado.

1850 - Virginia State Census, Grayson County. No twp. listed. Dated 7 Sep. 1850. Page 394. #535. 19th. Dist. Value of Real Estate Owned. $200.

  • Gallion, Shadrach 48 yrs. b. NC. Farmer
  • Ruth wife 23yrs. b. Va.
  • James son 20 yrs. b. Va. Laborer
  • William son 17 yrs. b. Va. Laborer
  • Nancy dau. 16yrs. b. Va.
  • Samuel son 12 yrs. b. Va.
  • Tempy dau. 10 yrs. b. Va.
  • Betsy dau. 8 yrs. b. Va.
  • Randolph son 6 yrs. b. Va.
  • Riley son 4 yrs. b. Va.
  • Polly dau. 2 yrs. b. Va.
  • Matilda, 19 yrs. Va. (Martha). Matilda may be the daughter by the first marriage, or she may be the wife of son James, #636. I believe she may be James' wife.

1855 - 18 Dec. Grayson County, VA. Deeds. Indenture to Toliver Gallion (Son) from Shadrick Gallion, for the sum of $90.00 current money, land located on Little River. Part of Shadrick's old homeplace. No acreage given. Recorded 26 Sep. 1860. Deed delivered to Toliver. Deed Bk. 11, Page 84-85. Grayson County Courthouse.

1859 - Sep. Shadrack moved his family to Arkansas. The David Edwards families accompanied them.

1859 - Early September, A move to the west was planned, no destination, just move until they found land and environment they liked. Differences between the northern states and the southern states was becoming more and more apparent.

It was near the first of September of 1859 that Shadrick and his wife Ruth and their family left their North Carolina home for Arkansas. Nine of the children from Shadrick's first marriage remained in North Carolina and Virginia where many of their descendants still live.

The trip to Arkansas was made in ox carts and was very difficult with winter coming on. They never traveled on Sunday. Wild game for food and firewood was gathered on Saturday, and the Lord's day would be quietly observed by some spring or river. Near the end of November of that same year, after having been on the road about three months, they arrived in Benton County, Arkansas.

The family became early settlers in Dickson Twp. around the Hiwasse community, and most spent their entire lives there. They were typical pioneers and were so well pleased with this part of the country that most did not go further west, but lived and died here. Many of the early Galyeans were farmers and fruit growers and were of the Baptist faith. Shadrick and many of his descendants are sleeping in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery near Hiwasse with a good number still living in the Hiwasse and Gravette area. Several of them are members of the Hiwasse Christian Church.

This info came from the Benton Co., AR. History and also Cora Galyean of Gravette, Ark. (Mentioned above) who so generously shared her history with me. Other information comes from a trip made to the area in 1986 on a fact finding trip.

1860 - Arkansas State Census, Benton County. Dickson Twp.

  • Shadrack Gallion 59 yrs. b. NC.
  • Ruth wife 30 yrs. b. NC.
  • Mahala dau 8 yrs. b. VA.
  • Matilda F. dau 6 yrs. b. VA.
  • Lavina dau 4 yrs. b. VA.
  • Susan E. dau 2 yrs. b. VA.

1862 - 78th. Virginia Militia, Confederate, there were 338 soldiers in this unit, Company C and some of Company G, 63rd Virginia Infantry Sons, William, Toliver, listed as T., James and Samuel Gallion all served in the confederate for the Civil War.

1870 - Arkansas State Census, Benton County. Dickson Twp. I have not worked this census.

1876 - 30 Jun. Shadrick Galyean wrote letter to his grandson and grand daughter in Grayson County, Virginia. (Have copy of letter) He wished them well and said they had plenty of corn. He wrote corn was worth 20-25 cents; wheat, 75-$1.00, pork, 5-6 cents per lb.

1877 - 29 May. Shadrick wrote again to his Grandson, A. J. Galyean in Grayson County, VA. He was in poor health because he said he could not dress his self since January. He said flour was worth 4 dollars a hundred pound, corn - 40 cents per bushel, wheat - $1.25 per bushel, bacon - 8 to 10 cents per lb, and dry goods stock is cheap. He inquired of the Lowe families. He would like to hear from Lee Galyean. Saying his mind was so scattered in his old age. (Have copy of letter)

1877 - 6 Jun. Letter from Ruth Galyean to Grandson, A. J. Galyean in Grayson County. VA. with the news that Shadrick had died on the 30th. of May. She said to tell the boys that their father was dead. She thought he was struck with the Dead Palsy. (Have copy of letter)

1880 - Benton Co., Ar., Sugar Creek Twp. Census lists. dated 3 June 1880.

  • Galyean, Ruth K. 54 yrs. b. NC. Widow Farmer.
  • Alexander son 17 yrs. b. AR. Farms Land.
  • Amy P. dau 14 yrs. b. AR. Keeps House.
  • Allie V. dau 12 yrs. b. AR. School.

Headstone in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery:

Infant son of Tolliver and Stella Galyean
Born March 9, 1898
Died April 1, 1898.

I don't know where this fits into the family. Needs research.

You will note that sometime along the way, Shadrick changed his name from Gallion to Galyean.

From the old publication, "Fisher's River Sketches, of North Carolina, Scenes and Characters." written by H. E. Taliaferro, published in 1859. The story titled, "Uncle Billy Lewis" page 159, mentions Shack Gallion and others. Mr. Taliaferro wrote numerous "Scenes and Stories" from the Surry County area and in his preface he said, "He hoped they will contribute a mite toward our country's stock of humorous literature. He chose to conceal his real name at first, and was known by the nickname of his boyhood, "Skitt, who was raised thar." Later he added his name to the book and signed it, with his real name and wrote, "Proud of it." He wrote of "Mitchell's River, Big Fisher's River, Little Fisher's River, Stewarts Creek, Ring's Creek, and Beaver Dam Creek, and the beautiful Blue Ridge."

1898 - 28 July. From the Benton County Democrat Newspaper, (Arkansas). we found the following: Galyean, Ruth, (from Pond), Mrs. Ruth Galyean of Dickson was buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery July 24th. She died of derangement of the stomach. Member of the Baptist Church. Ruth's birthdate may be 24 Jul 1898 or 28 Jul 1898?? I have taken the death date from relatives and it differs with the newspaper clipping.

As a rule I wouldn't get so involved with Shadrack's history but in the past there has been several items put on the internet about this family that has untrue items involved. I hope this will attempt to help others set the record straight.


  • 1850 U.S. Census, Shadrach Gallion in Grayson County VA. Shadrach is 48, Ruth is 23. Also listed are James, 20; William, 17; Nancy, 16; Samuel, 12; Sempy, 10; Betsy, 8; Rudolph, 6; Riley, 4; Polly, 2; Matilda, 19.
  • 1870 U.S. Census, Shadrick Galson in Osage, Benton County AR. Shadrach is 70, Ruth is 41. Also listed are Elizabeth, 27; Matilda, 16; Luvina, 14; Susan, 12; Adaline, 9; Alexander, 7; Amy, 5; Verginia, 2.

Are we related?

Here are the GEDmatch Kit #s for my father and mother:

GI: A909282
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