Our McCool Family Line

There is clear documentation and DNA confirmation that Kevin is directly descended from George McCool (1805-1866). DNA evidence indicates (but doesn't yet fully prove) that George's parents were Joseph McCool, whose full name may have been Joseph George McCool (1776-1851), and Sarah Walker (1784-1851).

Line of Descent - Likely

Much of the early line was traced by professional genealogists in Ireland. Details are provided in the articles about each ancestor. The overall line is believed to be accurate, however it's possible that the father identified could be an uncle in one or more cases. Early dates and locations are uncertain; names of early wives are unknown.

Archbold McCull
b c. 1610 - Scotland
d Ireland or Scotland

John McCoole Sr
b c. 1645 - (Northern) Ireland or Scotland
d 2 Nov 1719 - County Derry, (Northern) Ireland

Archibald McCoole
b c. 1685 - (Northern) Ireland
d after 1740 - County Antrim, (Northern) Ireland

George McCool
b c. 1712 - County Antrim, (Northern) Ireland
d aft. 1763 - Cumberland Co, PA

Archibald McCool
b c. 1733 - County Derry, (Northern) Ireland
d 1780 - Charleston, SC

m 1760
(Northern) Ireland

Margaret Catherine McCall?
b 1740? - (Northern) Ireland
d 1799 - Townsend ON

Joseph George? McCool
b 1776 - Orange Co NC
d 1851 - Norfolk ON

m 12 Jul 1803
Grimsby ON
5 boys?, 1 girl?

Sarah Walker
b 26 Sep 1784 - Orange Co NC
d 1851 - Ontario

The line continues below.

Line of Descent - Known

Our genealogical paper trail and DNA trail to George McCool is extremely solid.

George McCool
b 25 Dec 1805 - Brantford ON
d 09 Dec 1866 - Macon IL

m2 1831
Brantford ON
4 boys, 4 girls

Elizabeth Swain
b 05 Aug 1814 - Canada or VT
d 26 Dec 1891 - Springfield IL

Maria Louisa McCool
b 14 Sep 1844 - Brantford Ontario
d 17 Apr 1839 - Bronson KS

m 22 Apr 1868
Macon IL
5 boys, 4 girls

William Henry Ireland
b 30 Mar 1840 - Cincinnati OH
d 03 Aug 1919 - Bronson KS

Maria and William are Kevin's great-great-grandparents. For further line of descent, view the Ireland Family Line.

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