Ireland-surname Family Research

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This page provides information about the genealogy of my Ireland-surname family line.

Although I'd always had an interest in genealogy, I didn't begin my own research until the summer of 2015. I kept "meeting" other Ireland-surname people on social media sites like Facebook, and we'd joke about being long-lost cousins. I decided to see if we were.

We weren't. It turns out that Ireland is an uncommon, but not rare, surname in America. According to HowManyOfMe, there were 17,137 people in America with the surname "Ireland" in 2000 (based on U.S. Census data). What's more uncommon, though, is that our yDNA (father's line) is Haplogroup R1a, while most other Ireland-surname people tested are R1b. That means we're not related to them in the past 25,000 years or so (on our direct paternal line only).

Be sure to read our early Ireland-surname history to learn more about our Ireland roots and related families.

Ireland Research Guide

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Are we related?

Here are the GEDmatch Kit #s for my father and mother:

GI: A909282
CL: A216073

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