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This is very much a work in progress as of February 2019. It builds on the research of Thomas Eugene "Gene" McCool, Tommy McCoole (Coleraine, Northern Ireland - ), professional genealogist Bobby Forrest () and others. Corrections, additions and questions are very welcome at .

Most McCool lines in America appear to descend from our common ancestor, John McCoole Sr. We don't know his date of birth but guess it was about 1645 in either Scotland or the Ulster area of Ireland (now Northern Ireland). His ancestors probably came from Scotland as part of the Plantation of Ulster. It's likely that his father was Archbold McCull.

At least five of the McCools who have taken y-DNA tests appear to be descendants of, or closely related to, John McCoole Sr. Additional y-DNA tests are needed.

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As of February 2019, our McCool information is growing rapidly. Here's a navigation guide:

I have a lot more to add to the website as I have time - and I also welcome contributions from other McCool descendants. Email information, documents or photos to .

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