Morgan Family Genealogy

Although our first known Morgan ancestors were born about 230 years ago in London, we know a great deal about them because of a first-hand biography by one of the earliest family members, Sophia Elizabeth "Sophy" Morgan Ireland. Her recollections about her family and the first 90 years of her life make fascinating reading:

Although four Morgan sons/brothers died of smallpox in London,

Our Morgan Line

Our direct, known Morgan line of ancestors is short, but we have a lot of information about their lives in London, their emigration to the U.S., and their westward migration across America.

Thomas Francis Morgan
b 6 May 1787 - London England
d 31 Mar 1869 - Richmond IN

m pos 17 Dec 1809
London England
6 boys, 2 girls

Sophia Elizabeth Charles
b 30 Aug 1790 - London England
d 10 Dec 1878 - unknown

Sophy Elizabeth Morgan
b 3 Nov 1817 - London England
d 8 Apr 1910 - Bronson KS

m 20 May 1837
Cincinnati OH
7 boys, 1 girl

Robert Ireland Jr
b Jan 1809 - Belfast Ireland
d 14 Aug 1863 - Macon IL


Our Morgan Cousins

Two of Thomas Francis Morgan and Sophia Elizabeth Charles' children lived to emigrate to America, and two were born here. Their many descendants carry the surnames Ireland, Crossman, Lemon, Darrow, and more.

Are we related?

Here are the GEDmatch Kit #s for my father and mother:

GI: A909282
CL: A216073

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