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We have a major brick wall in the Davis line. If anyone has discovered the identities of the parents of Allen R Davis (1821-1902), please let us know. Census records agree that his unknown mother was born in Georgia. There are conflicting Census reports that Allen's father was born in SC and GA; I speculate that SC is correct.

The parents of Allen's wife, Louisa F Shaddix (or Shadix, 1828-1907) are disputed (although we are homing in on them).

Stephen's yDNA-111 test results were received in Jan 2018. I hope that will provide the clues needed to break through the Davis brick wall early this year.

Stephen's Davis AncestryDNA Tree

Unlike a traditional genealogy tree, an AncestryDNA tree shows only how tested relatives are believed to be related. In the AncestryDNA Tree below, a light-green color means that we believe the person to be a confirmed Davis DNA-match. A dark-green color indicates that the cousin has provided me with "viewer" access to their list of DNA matches. I can then determine how much DNA those cousins share with the other members of the AncestryDNA Tree (displayed as centimorgans [cM] in the tree).

After clicking the image below, it will open in a new browser tab. Click on the new image to zoom in.

AD's AncestryDNA Tree

Stephen has number of strong, close Davis Y-DNA matches. I've received information about the Davis lines of some of those matches, including AD. While I don't know yet if AD has taken an AncestryDNA test, many of matches of Stephen and his close Davis cousins descend from some of AD's ancestors.

This doesn't yet prove anything and we still don't know the connection from Stephen's family to AD's, but this evidence seems to indicate that their families are closely connected.

After clicking the image below, it will open in a new browser tab. Click on the new image to zoom in to a readable level.

How You Can Help

If you're an AncestryDNA-tested Davis descendant, I'd love to work with you to solve our Davis family mysteries. I won't ask for any personal information like dates of birth (or even names) of your living family members. I need to know how you connect to our Davis family (if not yet known), and I may ask for permission to view your list of AncestryDNA matches.

Learn more at Sharing lists of AncestryDNA matches, or email with questions at .

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